Quality Management System Certificate
Quality Management System Certificate
  • A kind of measuring device of bearing housing
  • High bearing and loading waterproof roller sealing device
  • Waterproof roller U-shape combined bearing housing sealing device
  • Work Safety Standardization
  • Quality Management System Certificate
  • Measurement Management System Certification
  • Quality Management System Certificate
  • High quality brand of China machinery industry
  • Anhui Famous Product
  • Single-side cooling and circulating device used for embossing roller
  • Adjustable flexible pinch device used for vortex vacuum water tank
  • Sealing and cooling water tank used for plastic profile materials
  • Convenient assembled water tank used for plastic profile extrusion
  • Linear straightening device used for die head and stock mould
  • Water tank plate used for cooling and sizing of extrusion profiles
  • Stock mould used for extrusion tooling of high speed plastic profiles
  • A kind of dust-free cutting device used for plastic profiles
  • A kind of embossing device used for online disassembling of plastic profiles
  • A kind of roller type water tank used for extrusion profiles
  • A kind of water-gas separation device used for sizing platform of plastic extrusion auxiliary engine
  • A kind of embossing device of plastic profiles to extrude two adjacent sides
  • A kind of magnetic locking device for water tank plate
  • A kind of fully coated co-extrusion channel structure to realize uniform extrusion of plastic profiles
  • A kind of convenient installing water tank for extrusion mould
  • Adjustable extrusion and embossing device for plastic profiles
  • Extrusion tooling with pressure balanced type dual-layer co-extrusion flow channel
  • Formation and extrusion tooling with PVC coated wood plastic profile
  • Formation device for plastic profiles with periodic change of sectional dimension
  • Filtration system for water suction pump of cooling water tank of extrusion mould
  • Sizing device to avoid scratch of the surface of the extrusion profiles
  • A kind of device used for hollow rubber sheet of plastic profiles
  • A kind of stock mould for cooling and sizing inside of the profile
  • Calibrator for plastic profiles extrusion accessory
  • Rapid formation formation and extrusion die head of plastic extrusion profiles
  • Processing methods and die head for plastic profiles with single-arm fracture surface
  • Co-extrusion mould die head for co-extrusion profiles
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