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CHINA TRINITY, as the pioneer of extrusion tooling industry in China, developed and researched the first set of extrusion tooling in 1985, and is well accepted by most users in the world.

Nowadays, based on the concept of “Innovation creates the value”, engineers of CHINA TRINITY, with the most professional knowledge and rich experience, concentrated on developing the top technology in extrusion field, and seeked for the best solutions for different production applications and demands.

CHINA TRINITY, with 30 years of extrusion experience and based on the specialized TRINITY extrusion simulation analysis system, ensures to provide customers with top quality mould.

Reasonable flow channel design, balanced and high effective quantitative cooling system, high precision processing capacity of the equipment, ensuring high speed and stable extrusion of the tooling .

Patent location technique, specialized guiding device, ensuring the repeated assembling and disassembling and precise reset of the mould.

Unique increment device in the tooling can improve the surface brightness of the profile.

Vacuum vortex sizing water tank with many materials can be selected with advanced design, good sealing property and high intensity.

CHINA TRINITY has had the production capacity of 1,500 sets of extrusion tooling, most of which including PT. Wijaya Karya, Royal, Ruihao, Derknick, YKK, LG etc. are exported to Europe and America etc.

CHINA TRINITY, with years of profound foundation, absorbed first-class technology from Europe, equipped with world famous branded components, has successfully researched the new and high-speed extruders and stable and energy-saving downstream equipment to meet the requirements to the extrusion products from high quality users.

CHINA TRINITY has set up the production capacity of 100 sets of extrusion equipment, which have all been exported to Europe and America etc.

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